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Lincoln Morrison’s career in media started as early as the fourth grade when I trained as a school projectionist, screening educational films. An eighth grade graduation present of my first camera further whetted my appetite, but my interest was defined in high school with my involvement in the drama and media clubs.

Attending Emerson College in Boston, I supported myself with a paid internship at Newbury Numbers, edge-coding 16mm. film, while learning the basics of film theory, history, and practical filmmaking. I was a member of the Emerson Film and Animation Society and the Varsity Hockey team. Graduating in 1984, I earned my BFA in Mass Communications, with a specialization in Film and a minor in Creative Writing.

Learning the Ropes
My internship led to a five-year staff position with Newbury Filmworks as Associate Producer/ Production Manager. The opportunity allowed me to hone my craft as well as travel through Europe, Asia, and the U.S. working on high profile corporate films, documentaries, and commercials for clients such as New England Toyota, Digital Equipment Corporation, Raytheon, General Electric, and the National Fire Protection Association.

In 1989, I elected to meet new challenges in Boston’s freelance market as a focus puller, sound recordist, and gaffer for clients such as Pepsi, Reebok, The Harvard Business School, New England Telephone, Crimestoppers 800 TV show, and PBS’ American Masters/WNET.

In 1990, I accepted the offer to pull focus on the independent feature film “BANYA” in Yaroslavl, U.S.S.R. from July Fourth through Labor Day. I was excited to work on my first feature film and found immersion in a foreign culture to be a fascinating daily challenge, one which tested the mettle of each crew member. 

Stepping it up!
Upon my arrival back in the U.S., I moved to Los Angeles to continue my career in the camera department. I worked on many features, commercials, and music videos, moving up over a few years from focus puller to camera operator, finally joining the union in 1996 and settling in as a Director of Photography. With the arrival of the new millennium, I adapted to the changes brought about by runaway production, which severely limited shooting opportunities, by moving to television production.

When the show I was shooting in 2002 got cancelled during the Christmas break, I seized an opportunty in March to revisit a skill I'd developed years before and accepted an offer to work in reality television as an ENG-style Sound Mixer, which led to mixing on a number of network shows.

I continue to work happily in both the camera and sound departments, occasionally directing as well. I also moonlight in lighting design for local theater and have even been known to edit my own projects!

Please enjoy your visit to the rest of the website where you can see my reel and other works, as well as photos from some of my adventures. I hope you'll also take a few moments to check out the client page, my IMDB page, and click on the links for information about equipment I have available.



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