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I have shot film and video and recorded sound for over twenty-five years.
One of my favorite things is shooting on location, each of which presents its own unique pleasures and difficulties. Locations of note include: Japan; Hong Kong; Taiwan; U.S.S.R.; Sweden; Germany; France; Netherlands; U.K.; South Africa; Chile; Costa Rica; Mexico; Newfoundland; the edge of the Arctic Circle, Northwest Territories, Canada; and 44 of the 50 states in the U.S., including Alaska and Kauai, HI.

Whether pulling four G turns in a McLaren racecar, pulling cactus spines from my skewered body after crashing my motorcycle on the Baja, or pulling all-nighters in the rain, I keep coming back for more. From adverse conditions in a primitive Russian village and the Arctic Circle to the languorous beauty of Key Biscayne and sunny Southern California, I have met each challenge with enthusiasm, vigor, and a smile!

Jack Valenti, keynote speaker at my graduation from Boston’s Emerson College, said the hardest thing to achieve in the film business is sustained success. I took that to heart and have relentlessly pursued my dreams with a solid background in the fundamentals, deep personal commitment to my clients, and continual hard work. When you hire me, you’re going to get my best!

For booking info, send an email, or call 818-209-0060.

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